Women warm you until age 30, after that you are warmed by wine and later not even a furnace can warm you up.

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Women warm you until age 30, after that you are warmed by wine and later not even a furnace can warm you up.

HRT Spedition is constantly looking for ways to surpass their Partners' expectations. This year HRT Spedition had its own special island at the Eger Wine Celebration, a tradition which turns 20 this year, where they captured the visitors' interest with sights and programs for the second year in a row.

HRT Spedition Kft deals in international and domestic transport. Many people thought it unusual that they should be present at the event, but tens of thousands of visitors read and showed each other with amusement the Ferenc Móra quotation which was one of the mottoes of the HRT island at the event.

The company delivers its partners' products throughout Europe. This can be import, export or domestic transport. They log over 15 000 000 kilometers and carry out over 25 000 engagements a year and these numbers continue to grow each year thanks to constant developments and excellent quality services.

The company maintains a daily relationship with several hundred partners. Its work is present in practically all areas of Hungary, however, there is rarely an opportunity for personal meetings. They believe that the Eger Bikavér Celebration is a worthy event for entertaining their partners and for partners, employees and colleagues to get to know one another a little better.

Based on feedback from guests the company considers the HRT island a success, in fact, several hundred Eger residents and tourists who they did not know yet also congratulated them on the idea and the implementation. Several visitors remarked that this new sight brought a welcome cheer for the second time to the Eger Wine Celebration. HRT's program was enriched by the services of MAGISZ BMW and Eger Senators' House and Lobbanástpont's fire juggler performance.

Thank you!

HRT Spedition would like to take the opportunity to thank József Tarsoly, head vintner, who helped the company tremendously and was a great host of the event. A special thanks to the Juhász Testvérek Winery and to Ostorosbor Zrt for their special support and cooperation and for believing in the company's idea and its success. Many thanks to Demeter Winery of Eger, Lajos Gál Winery, Simon Winery, Béla Vincze Winery, Dávid Wine House of Egerszalók and the Patricius Wine House of Tokaj for their cooperation. The greatest thanks goes to the Partners, who accepted the invitation, and honored HRT Spedition with their trust by believing that personal relationships are important are important for building strong business partnerships.